It doesn’t take long to develop your people.  In just 90 minutes we can inform, engage and inspire your teams. Choose from our suite of high impact express learning sessions and create a programme of continuous development.  Our coaches will come to your place of work and run a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session or we can host sessions for you across a choice of London venues.   Our 90 minute sessions include:

  • Inclusivity
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Safety & Security
  • Effective Meetings
  • Mindfullness at Work
  • Unconscious Bias


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I-D Workshop

Inclusion and Diversity matters.

Whilst it has been on the radar in many corporate settings for a while, the need to promote, support and encourage true inclusion and diversity within the workplace has grown significantly in recent months.  Organisations adopting inclusive leadership and a robust approach to diversity are enjoying the benefits of increased creativity, a forward thinking strategic approach and an ability to attract young talent.

This 90-minute session offers an insight to Collaborative Working, Unconscious Bias, Creative Interpretation and Adaption and Access in the form of a practical workshop.

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Insightful Minds

Launching a new product and looking for some feedback? Want to find out how to influence or attract the next generation and future talents of the creative industries?

We have a captive audience of confident and creative 14-18 year old students, who would relish the opportunity to share their ideas, where they take their influences from and help you to find solutions.

Market research live!

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Taking Yoga off The Mat

A 3 hour Mindful Movement workshop, featuring Yoga, Meditation and Discussion.

Do you want to become a more mindful employer or employee? You can stretch away workplace stresses and re balance. This workshop aims to introduce the benefits of mindful movement and meditation, bringing techniques from the practice into everyday life and the workplace.

Meditation and mindful breathing techniques are built from the foundations up and this workshop is ideal to incorporate into a team building day, as part of a regular program or as a treat for employees at the end of a busy period.

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Creative Thinking

Ever sit staring at your piece of paper or computer screen with your pen twiddling in your hand? Can’t seem to find the right way to describe or present something? Teams or individuals often find themselves uninspired and seeking a more creative way of approaching briefs or projects. There is nothing worse than a mind block when it comes to creating a piece of work and our coaches have the expertise to help you devise ways and re train your mind to have a much more creative approach.


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Improvisation Workshop

Discover your team’s creative talents with one of our improvisation workshops.

Our Music Theatre and Theatre Directors have developed some unique experiences to stretch the imagination and discover hidden talents. This activity can be bespoke for groups who just want to do something different, or specifically tailored to your companies ethos.


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Complete Harmony

Ever fancied creating a company choir? Want a more musically motivated team building day?

Don’t panic, we’ve used the phrase ‘team building’ which often fills people with fear and dread, but we promise we don’t do team building days like others do…


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Candid Camera

If you are launching a new product, creating an induction video or maybe fancy creating a piece of original content, there can be a role for everyone.

Why not utilise our resources and minimalise your stresses? We’ve got the equipment and expertise to enable you to create a quality piece of film.

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Artistic Licence

Got an empty wall space that needs bringing back to life? Got a team of creatives? Want to just try something different?

Artistic Licence is a team activity devised for you to have some fun, express your creative flares and create a piece of artwork or sculpture to take back to the office for everyone to enjoy.


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Street Dance Workshop

We believe in encouraging you to try something different for the first time, this workshop has been curated to be enjoyed by all. Our Street Dance session would be a great way to re charge your energy levels, inspire confidence and up your street cred!

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