Effectively Managing Individuals Mod 1

Module 1:

How much of an influence can your boss have on your life? Huge right? Ever gone home and talked about your boss? The number one reason why people leave is because of their boss!

An action packed 2-day course to support new and established people managers to effectively manage individuals and teams.  We explore what good management actually looks like to you, the different styles of management and their implications, and what the key skills are which consistently help. We will help you develop the skills required to coach people to maximise their potential.

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Effectively Managing Individuals Mod 2

Module 2:

Ever found yourself having a difficult conversation with a member of your team? Do you want to build your confidence in managing people?

Module 2 has been developed to be the perfect follow on workshop to Module 1, to enhance the finer skills required for effective management of people and teams. A 2-day course that gives a greater understanding of drivers and triggers to performance, explores ways to effectively motivate others and to ultimately ensure you feel more comfortable and confident managing people.

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Mental Health First Aider

84% of managers think employee wellbeing is their responsibility, but only 24% have received any training. If Mental Health affects the way we think, feel and act at work, isn’t it something we need to better understand?

Mental Health First Aid is now part of workplace Health and Safety guidance. Ambitious and progressive companies that want to get ahead of potential legislative change can respond now by putting employees on this course, which will qualify them as Mental Health First Aiders.

This rewarding two-day course will qualify you as a Mental Health First Aider and give you the skills and confidence to effectively support your people. MHFA will not teach individuals to be therapists but, just like physical first aid, it will teach them to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis. Learning takes place through a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions, and emphasis is placed on practical skills, raising awareness and building confidence.

The course is designed to give individuals:

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Mental Health Awareness

Almost 1 in 3 people experience mental ill health whilst in employment, yet many of us feel out of our depths when the topic comes up. Mental Health First Aid is now part of workplace Health and Safety guidance. Ambitious and progressive companies that want to get ahead of potential legislative change should start building a positive mental health culture now.

In this half-day course, we pack in as much learning as possible to improve your awareness and understanding of Mental Health. Our main objectives are to:


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Building Global Mindsets

Are you an international organisation? Can you define the cultural differences? Our Building Global Mindsets half day course explores the ways in which you can improve your business’ effectiveness and make your international relationships even more successful.


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Keeping & Growing Client Relationships

Many professionals and businesses over-complicate the business development agenda. In this on-demand, instant access, complex and competitive global environment in which you now work, the key to personal and business performance– now more than ever before – relies on international collaboration, team work, engaging people from a variety of backgrounds in both real and virtual ways. Given the global nature of work and the varied cultures of business partners, clients and colleagues long- lasting relationships may be difficult to establish and maintain.

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Developing Your Leadership Brand

What is a ‘Personal Brand’? Is yours as powerful as it can be? Do you know what your reputation is? What are your drivers of trust? This course is highly interactive and the goal is to work out the answers to these questions through small group activities and discussion, we will then provide you with the tool kit to apply new skills effectively.

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Build a Change Ready Workforce

The ability to stay ahead of the innovation curve can make or break an organisation. In the midst of a very disruptive and constantly changing marketplace the key to success may be enabling everyone to see things differently.

Change is accelerating. It is having a huge impact on business. Fewer people feel confident in they ability to handle change in the most proactive way.

This interactive 1-day course will explore the new area of neuroscience and change. You will leave with some insights and techniques to lead with the brain in mind and increase the chance of success on your change program, by building internal capacity in your organisation.

During this active course you will learn:

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The Brain Loves Certainty

Planning with the outcome in mind. Whether you are a sole trader or a manager of a team or organisation, strategic and operational planning is a critical part of business. What is your goal? What are your objectives and how will you get there?

If you are planning for business as usual or planning for a change, you need to involve others and take them on the journey with you if you want to be successful. We’ll explore how increasing certainty is a reward for the brain and how having a better understanding of the big picture will motivate your employees.

This fun and engaging workshop will give you tips and techniques to develop a plan collaboratively with your team or stakeholders.

On this half-day course you will learn :

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The Neuroscience of Difficult Conversations

When was the last time you had a difficult conversation? Do you wish you had handled it differently?

Whether you are in an interview, having to talk to someone on your team that isn’t keeping commitments or dealing with an angry customer, we often don’t handle these situations in the best possible way.

This very practical and hands-on course will show you how you can handle them in a way that produces a better outcome, less pain for you and less pain for others.

We will explore the range of difficult conversations we have at work and how to do it better. We link this to the area of persuasion and influence, and discuss what the latest evidence from neuroscience is showing.

You will learn:

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Personal Safety & Protection

Are you a conscious employer who wants to demonstrate to their teams that you care about their personal safety, inside and outside the workplace? Do you currently feel vulnerable and want to ensure you are doing everything in your power to protect yourself?

Personal Safety and Protection is relevant to all of us, at all ages and life stages. This course is delivered by our security specialist Will Geddes and focuses on Awareness, Early Recognition and Avoidance.


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Personal Cyber Safety

Have you ever felt vulnerable online? Are you a business looking for a Cyber Safety workshop for your employees? Maybe you’re a concerned parent who wants further understanding… Cyber Safety has never been so relevant, the majority of us now work and play online, but have never been taught how to do so in a safe way that minimises potential threats and risks.

This Personal Cyber Safety course is delivered by our security specialist Will Geddes and focuses on recognising threats, keeping yourself safe and techniques to minimise vulnerability.

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Career Coaching for Managers

The conversations you have with your team members are critically important. They can either signal a company attitude of limited options and box-ticking performance management, or it can be proactive and engaging. In focusing on their development, you encourage their productivity, engagement and a transparent dialogue about career progression.

Through this 1-day Career Coaching for Managers course, you will learn how to have more meaningful conversations with your team members about their careers by:

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Negotiate to Win

Taking prices down until the other side says yes is not negotiating – that is discounting and requires little skill or expertise. So how can we gain deals at better prices and keep people happy? Learn how to negotiate properly!

There is a big difference between selling and negotiating.  On this one day course we share the “12 Golden Rules” to transform negotiation success. What negotiation is, how to prepare for it, how to have the negotiation conversation itself, and what to do when the other side makes its moves!!


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Selling Success

“How can I be more effective at selling, without being ‘salesy’?”

Let’s face it, when you mention sales who doesn’t immediately think cars, double glazing and cold calls? Sales teams are often seen as individuals who want to talk people in to things they don’t want and for prices they don’t want to pay, trust doesn’t often come easily. But businesses NEED to sell more so…



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Pitch Perfect

Launching a new product or business venture?  Need to prepare an important presentation and pitch it perfectly to achieve maximum impact?

Our 1 day course is all you will need to give you the skills and confidence to succeed.

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